Bennett Steel, Inc. offers crane rental and rigging services which are unsurpassed in the region. We have a diverse fleet of lifting equipment and cranes that are available, as you need them. The capacities on our equipment currently range from six tons to 400 tons. We don’t want to just rent a crane; we want to provide a quality service to you and rent you the equipment you need.

It’s often said but never has it been truer, that no job is too small nor is any project too big for our fleet. We can accommodate (and have accommodated) any lifting, rigging, or hoisting operation. From a job for a homeowner to a huge project with multiple cranes and multiple critical lifts for Fortune 500 companies.

Our experienced crane rental division is there to help determine which one of our pieces of equipment will fit your needs and be within your budget. We have state of the art lift plan software to remove the guesswork of crane placement and reach capacities.

Our operating engineers are all highly skilled, trained, and experienced. Each is CCO certified and there is more than 300 cumulative years of experience in that division. They are subject to the most aggressive drug-testing program in the region so that our clientele can feel secure when using our services. Our clients and their customers directly benefit from our trained and skilled drug free workforce.

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