Safety Award Winner - Steve Lehmann

Dave R Bennett (Owner/President), of Bennett Steel, nominated Steve Lehmann for the Iron Workers/IMPACT North American Safety Honors Program.

Steve was nominated because, "Steve, after being appointed to the position of Safety Director exhibited outstanding dedication to safety.  When Steve accepted the position, the lost time incident rate for our firm was 2.79.  When he left that position and assumed the role of Project Manager, the rate was .51 - a remarkable improvement.  Obviously, it took more than the mere actions of Steve to so drastically reduce the rate - it was a true company effort which required the attentiveness and dedication of all of the employees, including management, but every goal met can find one person who led the charge and Steve was our point man.

Steve led by example and put in countless hours (many of them not compensated as he worked tirelessly, including time when he was not 'on the clock') to make changes to the culture of safety within the company.  Everyone knows that it is impossible to prove a negative, so there is no way of knowing how many injuries Steve's dedication prevented.  It is easy, however, to quantify that through Steve's integrity, dedication, leadership, influence, supervision, and guidance he, with complete support of management, led the organization and raised the bar."

You can read the article in the September 2013 issue of THE IRONWORKER by clicking here.