Our AISC Audit Goes Well

Bennett Steel Inc. is an Advanced Certified Erector under the American Institute of Steel Construction's (AISC) erector's certification program.

Each year, to maintain that credential, AISC schedules and conducts an audit of both management practices and field erection practices. This years audit took place on Tuesday, July 30th and Wednesday, July 31st.

Following the audit, Sonny Tharp (Project Manager and Quality Manager) reported on the results of the audit by stating, "We received two corrective action reports (CARs)... management is working to correct these items and keeping the field apprised of any changes." Sonny went on to elaborate and say, "...our audit went well, the auditor was very impressed with our professional ways...We as a team are working to make this one of the best programs in the country which means it will constantly be changing. I as well as Dave, Charlie and Harvey appreciate the work you all put in this program, nothing good comes without hard work."

Bennett Steel is required to correct the items addressed in the CAR's and receive approval of the changes by AISC within 30 days. Once this process completes its cycle, the company will receive a renewal of its Advanced Certified Erectors certification from the AISC.