Layton Construction Recognizes Bennett Steel, Inc.

Bennett Steel Inc., was awarded the contract for the fabrication and installation of the steel on the Macy’s Fulfillment Center in Owasso, OK by Layton Construction. This would be the first time that Layton Construction had worked in Oklahoma and the first time that Bennett would perform work for them.

There were many challenges to the construction of the fulfillment center. Layton brought an attitude of solutions v blame to the project, the same attitude that Bennett Steel likes to use when approaching any and every project and/or jobsite issues.

Because of its performance, commitment, and attitude, Bennett Steel was the featured subcontractor in Layton’s quarterly publication Foundation (the Summer 2015 issue, page 10).

Bennett Steel Inc. holds itself to the very highest standard of safety, quality, and ethics. It is extremely welcoming when those commitments are recognized and publicized by our customers, as with Layton’s choosing Bennett Steel as their featured subcontractor.

Click here to view the Summer 2015 issue of Foundation.