ABC Affiliate Features Bennett Steel

KTUL Channel 8 Shines a Spotlight on Bennett Steel’s Safety Goal

Dave Bennett, President and Founder of Bennett Steel, was asked by the local ABC affiliate (KTUL, Channel 8) to explain his 1,000,000 hour safety goal. Anchor Charles Ely, who had worked (and been injured) in a manufacturing plant earlier in life, was interested in Bennett Steel’s commitment to safety.

Mr. Ely interviewed Mr. Bennett and allowed him to give his personal explanation behind the lofty ambition. The anchor also interviewed Chris Wilson (Crane Superintendent) and Harvey C. Swift (Field Operations Manager) and asked for their feedback on the stated objective.

The segment ran on 11/04/2013 at 4:00 pm and the entire segment (less the lead in and closing by Mr. Ely) can be viewed by clicking here.